Go Green, One Step at a Time
The new corporate ladder
Or the latest corporate perk?  Whether you are a lean and hungry executive, just looking to improve or maintain your fitness level or would like to make a daily contribution to climate change, Stairmiles could be the perfect concept for you or your company.
Stairmiles is a great way to encourage your team to use the stairs more, rather than those energy-burning lifts, with great benefits for everyone.  The Stairmiles concept helps your team develop the habit of using the stairs through a simple, enjoyable exercise with a great reward at the end as an added incentive.  Once the stair habit is formed, people will recognise the benefits of this easy change in daily routine and the benefits will continue to be received.
Climbing this ladder will be fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding.
You can feel great knowing that each step you take is literally doing a world of good.
Have a look on the following pages to see the Stairmiles concept in action.  We can help you tailor the concept to your corporate needs, budget and energy or carbon concern.
Stairmiles: Say it. Live it.  
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