The Details behind the concept
Q. Why Stairmiles?
    A. The concept developed while considering the question of how to reduce energy consumption in the office.  The concept needed to be simple, easy, involve the greatest number of staff and yet be individual in nature.  Since lift usage is one of the highest energy consuming activities in the office, Stairmiles was born.  Stairmiles will reduce energy consumption (therefore lowering your carbon footprint) increase efficiency (time working, not waiting for lifts) and also appeal to some people’s interest in fitness (London marathon, new gym deals etc.).
Q. Who can participate?
    A. Anyone working for the company
Q. Costs associated with playing or winning (to participant)?
    A. Airport transfers and all spending money once at the destination.  Flights may also need to be paid for but that will need to be determined. (Oh, and an offset will be purchased to cover the emissions caused by the flight itself)
Q. Costs associated with the Stairmiles concept (to company)?
    A. In this example, The Villa would be supplied at no cost by the owner of Stairmiles.  The flights could be covered by an airline, travel agency, funds raised through a charitable event, the company’s eco-fund or by the winner themselves.  If The Company covers the flights for 2 people, the estimated cost to the company should be between £300 and £900 depending on the airline used, time of year the trip is taken and ticket purchase lead time in advance of travel date. (Note: Other prizes can be arranged to best suit the company and staff requirements)
Q. What is included in the prize?
    A. In this example, 1 week accommodation for up to 4 people in a luxury villa in the heart of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, a short drive from the UNESCO World Heritage listed Sian Ka’an biosphere.  [and possibly the airline tickets for 2, 3 or 4 people - depending on if and how the tickets are financed]
The Rules and Conditions of the Challenge
If the Concept is authorised, a few people from your company and Stairmiles will need to get together and prepare a final outline of how it will best work for your company.
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